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AMBER KINETICS – The Future of Renewable Energy Storage

As the world moves away from fossil fuels, renewable energy presents a new, cleaner frontier in the energy storage landscape. The demand for decarbonization not only calls for lower carbon emissions but also environmentally friendly, ethical processes and low prices.

Many people think only of wind turbines, solar panels, and hydropower dams when picturing clean energy sources. As the lesser-known of the clean energy sources, the flywheel is often overlooked. The industry leader in flywheel energy, Amber Kinetics, explains why this groundbreaking renewable energy source is the future of energy storage.

What is flywheel energy storage? 

The flywheel presents an innovative energy storage solution by using kinetic energy to provide a completely clean and cost-effective energy source.

Consisting of a mast powered by a mechanical battery, the flywheel rotates around the axis at a very high speed, generating rotational energy. This energy is then stored within the flywheel, spinning the generator’s rotor to produce electricity. The impressive thing to note about the flywheel is its dual function, as it both stores and generates its own energy.

Why is the flywheel the future of energy storage?

Since the slow demise of fossil fuels, companies have faced a difficult challenge. The next frontier in energy storage is needed to bridge the gap between the durable, reliable nature of old energy sources while meeting the demand for plentiful energy and fulfilling our social responsibility to care for our world.

Whereas solar, wind, and hydropower depend on several variables to produce energy, kinetic energy is an unlimited source. Couple this with energy storage, and you have a reliable energy source that is fit to fulfill all the needs of modern-day life. Like a hamster spinning away on its wheel, so long as the wheel keeps turning, there will be energy in abundance! But the benefits of the flywheel don’t stop there.


Offering a lower cost and greater operating efficiency than gas-peaker plants or hydropower, the flywheel is a robust energy storage solution, able to operate in extreme hot and cold temperatures ranging from -20C to 50C.


There are no limitations to how often a flywheel can be cycled. This means it can be cycled again and again to generate a continuous energy source with no daily cycle limit. With a typical design life of 30 years, the flywheel will remain fit for purpose and should not degrade in quality.

As one of the most durable renewable energy solutions available, the flywheel can still function, with regular preventative maintenance, long after the initial design life has passed.

Green, clean energy

The flywheel is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly option of the energy storage solutions available in today’s market. Constructed from 100% recyclable materials, with no chemicals used or hazardous waste disposal, the flywheel presents an ideal solution to a problem that has plagued energy suppliers for decades.

The aim to move away from fossil fuels was to find a clean and renewable energy source, without toxic or hazardous by-products, that did not harm the environment, damage air quality, or pollute water sources. The flywheel is an ideal solution to the clean energy problem as a completely green, clean energy source.

Amber Kinetics is an industry leader in flywheel energy storage, offering the only long-duration flywheel energy storage solution. The company has taken the flywheel to the next level, upgrading its duration and efficiency from minutes to hours.

Just as you may be familiar with a grid of solar panels, or a field of wind turbines, individual flywheels can be scaled to suit the needs of your utilities, up to tens or even hundreds of megawatts. Powered by advanced technology, the Amber Kinetics flywheel has incredible capacity compared to similar kinetic energy storage systems, storing up to 32 kWh of energy in a two-ton steel rotor.

Discover industry-leading energy storage solutions

If you’re looking to future-proof your energy source, Amber Kinetics is the future of energy storage solutions. Committed to providing the highest standard of flywheel technology throughout the world, the company offers world-class customer support and additional maintenance packages.

With a 10-year product warranty, Amber Kinetics presents a reliable, durable, and industry-leading solution that will propel your company to the very forefront of the energy landscape. It’s time to get ahead of the game and move to clean energy with the help of Amber Kinetics.


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