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Geothermal Tax Credit & NYS Budget – The NY Assembly and Senate each released their “One-House Budget” last weekend. Now, leaders of the two bodies and Governor Hochul will be negotiating to come to an agreed upon final state budget, due April 1st. Both the Senate (S3864- Kennedy) and the Assembly (A7493 – Rivera) have included a 25% tax credit (up to $5,000 per residential installation) in the respective budgets they are bringing to negotiations. NY-GEO members are urged to call the Governor’s office at 518-474-8390 to urge inclusion of this measure in the final budget.

Analysis of Budget Proposals – from Renewable Heat Now – Press release commenting on the budget “We hope it’s helpful in understanding what exactly we’ve won so far, and what more we need to push for going forward. Stay tuned for more actions to participate in! Thank you for all your hard work and support that got us here!” And from the Sierra Club – “Here are some highlights of what was included in the Senate and Assembly One-House Budgets:
  • The Senate included a modified version of the All-Electric Building Act, which bans fossil fuels in new small buildings by 2024 and new buildings that are 7 stories or more by 2027.
  • The Senate included a modified version of the Advanced Building, Appliance, and Equipment Standards Act with language to factor greenhouse gas emissions into building codes and strengthen appliance efficiency standards, which would save New Yorkers $17.5 billion by 2035.
  • The Senate and Assembly both included tax credits to incentivize the installation of geothermal heating and cooling systems, which use renewable energy from the Earth to efficiently make our homes comfortable and heat our water.
  • The Senate and Assembly both included an increase in the Environmental Bond Act to fund green buildings. $1 billion is included in the Senate’s budget for “renewable heating and cooling and weatherization for low- and moderate-income households,” and $850 million is included in the Assembly’s budget for “green building projects.”
Building Decarbonization Coalition Announces Six Figure Television Ad Buy in Albany and New York City Markets – “The Building Decarbonization Coalition… will be running a robust, six-figure television ad buy, beginning Monday, March 21st in Albany and New York City markets, on both cable and broadcast channels. The 30 second television ad celebrates the historic steps the Hochul administration is taking towards building decarbonization, allowing New York State to reach its climate and emissions goals on schedule. The ad centers on Governor Hochul’s plan to halt gas expansion in new buildings, build 2 million decarbonized homes, and decarbonize 1,000 schools. On top of the climate benefits, Governor Hochul’s plan will help alleviate conditions that endanger the public health of New Yorkers and create thousands of high quality jobs.”
Sierra Club on the 100 Foot Subsidy for Gas – Many New Yorkers are unaware that we are being forced to pay to install fracked gas pipelines to buildings across New York State. The state’s “100-foot rule” requires gas utility customers to collectively pay for the first 100 feet of new gas pipelines for building owners that request it. The Gas Transition and Affordable Energy Act would end this rule, saving New Yorkers almost one billion dollars in utility charges over the next five years while providing renewable heat options to customers; making our homes healthier and continuing New York’s climate leadership. We’ve made tremendous progress, and now we need your help to achieve our building electrification goals. Will you send a message now to lawmakers expressing your support for the Gas Transition and Affordable Energy Act?


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