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Momentum Builds for Renewable Heat Legislation – The Renewable Heat Now Campaign is generating remarkable momentum behind a package of bills designed to aid New York’s transition to clean, affordable heating. The package includes a sunset on new construction using fossil fuels as well as a geothermal tax credit and sales tax exemption. Sponsors of the tax credit bill include Senators Kennedy, Harkham, Kavanagh, Krueger, May, Mayer and Ryan and Assembly Members Rivera, Abinanti, Burke, Colton, Englebright, Galef, Hevesi, Jackson, Kelles, McDonald III, Paulin, Sillitti, Simon, Tannousis and Thiel. To support the campaign, send a quick email to the Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins and Assembly Speaker Heastie using this link: Write if you’d like to help at this crucial time as New York’s budget is being debated and set.

Time to get the Renewable Heat Now bill package to the finish line!

Weekly Nugget from NY’s Climate Action Draft Scoping Plan: NY-GEO is running pertinent quotes from the Climate Action Council’s Scoping Plan weekly in Just In ! This week’s quote from page 122 of the Climate Action Council’s Draft Scoping Plan:
“Vision for 2050
By 2050, 85% of homes and commercial building space statewide should be electrified with energy-efficient heat pumps. New York should have advanced a managed, phased, and just transition from reliance on fossil gas and the gas distribution system in buildings to a clean energy system… Embedded subsidies for fossil fuels will have been eliminated, and energy-efficient, zero-emissions buildings will have become the most cost-effective option in a clean energy economy that supports secure jobs and demonstrates leadership in innovation. Investments in research and development will have brought affordable batteries and thermal storage, grid-interactivity, ultra-low GWP refrigerants, and advanced technical solutions for the hardest-to-electrify building types to market. All New Yorkers will benefit from a just transition that supports vibrant, healthy communities and repairs structural inequalities in access to housing, credit, economic opportunities, environmental resources, and a clean and healthy environment.”
Oven Pilot Gives NYCHA Residents Induction Stoves for Air-Quality Project – By Samantha Maldonado – – “Chef Sia Pickett taught over the clanging of pans, and a bit of sizzle and hum as she demonstrated how to use an induction range for a Bronx public housing tenant. There’s a learning curve when it comes to cooking on an induction range, she explained. It offers the control of a gas range but results in a ‘different type of heat.’ ‘You gotta play around with it,’ said Pickett, who owns a personal chef service called Malata Cuisine. ‘Everything cooks faster than you think.’… (Residents) will be part of an induction stove experiment for the next six months. Ten will get electric-powered induction stoves, another 10 will use their old gas ranges, as the ‘control group…’ The goal of the study is to test air quality in the public housing apartments with and without gas-burning kitchens.”  Full article here.


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