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FEb 18th: Artists and activists build momentum for changing climate change

Climate SOS Rally

Montpelier, VT

February 18th, 11-1pm

As the Vermont legislature gets moving on legislation for the season Vermonters are coming to the statehouse to advocate for climate policy supporting justice for all. Artivism (art + activism) waves ‘flood’ the statehouse with caring and creative messages about the urgency of the Climate Emergency. Wave shaped banners show a rising tide of climate issues and vision that appear to flood over the statehouse, urging lawmakers to take real and significant action.

Vermont legislation is not closing the gap between planned carbon and pollution reductions and what is needed to avert the growing climate crisis. Many Vermonters want to see laws that prioritize climate and the transition off of fossil fuels with justice for all.

Arts based interventions support a full range of expression about issues and can hold conflicting ideas simultaneously – fear / joy, grief / celebration. Arts based gatherings bring people together in playful ways and help to dismantle fear and inaction to meet serious entrenched issues.

On January 8th around 45 people came out to the Statehouse to demonstrate concern for the flood of plastics and climate issues. A large Climate SOS rally is planned for February 18th. With waves appearing to engulf the Statehouse, people will bring flotation devices as ‘swimmers’ seeking rescue from the climate emergency. Speakers, singing, hot drinks, art and Valentine’s making, and delivering messages to the legislature to move toward climate justice are all planned parts of the event.

“It’s powerful to see art and activism being combined to bring people together towards climate action!”     Sadie Holmes

The gatherings were developed in collaboration with artists, grassroots activists, and 350 VermontVPIRG, and the Rozalia Project and grew out of a concern for the ecological, social, and racial justice issues related to plastics, and supporting legislation that will change how plastics are dealt with in Vermont.

For more information about the Climate SOS rally on Friday 2/18 please visit or

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