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Contractor Spotlight: Cyclewise

Tamara Boise, with a new electric Zero motorcycle

Efficiency Vermont’s Efficiency Excellence Network’s (EEN) Spotlight: Cyclewise

Interview with Tamara Boise, Owner of Cyclewise, Inc.

Cyclewise, Inc. is a 25-year-old powersport dealership located in New Haven, Vermont

G.E.T. Staff

G.E.T.: What is your title, role and how did you get started in this industry?

Tamara Boise: My title is owner, operator, and enthusiast. My husband and I started Cyclewise, Inc. out of our passion for riding. Joe grew up on powersports and is a technician by trade, and I found joy in supporting and introducing the love of motorcycles to our customers. We believe that motorcycling creates a healthy lifestyle through experiences, adventures and creates lasting friendships.

When was your company started?

TB: We founded our business in 1997, so this is our 25th year in business.

How many dealerships does your company own?

TB: We have one location, one dealership which is constantly growing and changing to meet the needs of our customers.

About how may customers do you serve per year?

TB: Our customer base includes upstate New York, all of Vermont and branches into many of the New England states. With our award-winning service and sales departments, and the area’s largest apparel selection we serve hundreds of people per year. We encourage customers to gather at our dealership as a meeting place and ride destination.

How long have you been selling electric vehicles?

TB: We have been proudly selling zero motorcycles since 2014.

What percentage of customers come in looking for an electric vehicle? How has this changed over the past five years?

TB: We are seeing roughly 10% of our customer traffic looking for electric motorcycles. Some out of curiosity and looking to gain knowledge of the product, others that have done their research and are ready to purchase. Over the past five years interest has increased year over year. New charging capabilities and longer ranges have opened more options for the riders, and a new customer base from local municipalities has recently emerged. Police are starting to see the value for their departments both for moral and community outreach. It allows them to get to places currently only reachable by ATV’s or on foot more quickly with less environmental impact.

How long have you been a member of the EEN? Are there customer benefits to you being an EEN member?

TB: We have partnered with Efficiency Vermont since 2014, and we recently became a member of their new EEN electric vehicle dealer trade group. Being an EEN member lets customers know we are a qualified electric vehicle dealership through Efficiency Vermont. We are recognized as a business able to help our customers meet their energy-efficiency needs.

What are some questions you recommend customers ask when looking to purchase an electric vehicle?

TB: We encourage everyone to ask for realistic charging times and realistic mileage ranges. There are many different styles of riding, and a more aggressive riding style can significantly affect the drive range. Be sure to ask about the cost of ownership referring to maintenance. Over time the electric vehicle is less costly than a gas engine. Inquire about what type of charging capabilities the vehicle has, for example level one, level two or three and what is available for charging upgrades. Be sure to know where the charge stations are and what charge levels they can accommodate. The level of charge reflects the time it takes to fully charge the battery.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about being an electric vehicle dealer?

TB: Being an electric vehicle dealer gives us the ability to satisfy the growing needs of our energy conscious customers. We have welcomed in many new customers who may not have considered a motorcycle as a mode of transportation. Now the electric motorcycle can supply them with savings and a green energy solution to support their way of life. It is so exciting to be on the forefront of innovative technology, we are thrilled to see what the near future brings in all segments of riding and style.

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