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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

2022 Beijing Olympics

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Set to Be the Most Environmentally Green to Date

G.E.T. Staff

The 2022 Beijing Olympic Games are set to be the most environmentally green to date. To maintain this high level of carbon neutrality, some technical measures are being implemented. A “Winter Olympics Carbon Measurement” platform is being used. This allows a real time measurement of carbon emissions by all the stadiums. Every one of the 26 Olympic venues will be completely powered by renewable energy. Construction is minimized by reusing five venues from the 2008 Olympic games. In addition, low-carbon transport is being used. The goal is to keep the Olympic games carbon-neutral. The expectation is to reduce the overall carbon output by 950,000 tons. Green Energy Times wishes best of luck to the Olympic Games in reaching its environmental goals and to all the athletes in their competitions!

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