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Session Highlights: 2022 DOE-IES Solid-State Lighting Workshop

4 Days | 50+ Expert Speakers
Join the U.S. Department of Energy and the Illuminating Engineering Society at the 19thannual Solid-State Lighting Workshop, January 31–February 3, 2022, where top lighting scientists and industry-thought leaders will gather to share progress, challenges, ideas, and solutions to shape the future of lighting.

Session Highlights
Energy Savings from Lighting Application Efficiency
Non-Visual Physiological Responses to Light
Next-Generation Lighting Professionals
Advances in LED Materials and Devices
Advances in OLED Materials
Breaking Through to Next-Level Lighting Performance
Lighting and Sustainability: A Cradle-to-Cradle Discussion
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Diffuse Lighting Panels
Disinfection: What Have We Learned About GUV and Other Methods?
Innovations in Display Architecture for Improved Energy Efficiency and Performance
Taming Advanced Lighting System Complexity: A Call to Action
Building Scale Systems Interoperability and Integration
New Frontiers of Lighting

  • Plus…
    Dynamic virtual poster sessions provide an opportunity to learn more about DOE-funded research projects and engage with today’s leading lighting scientists.
  • Topic table sessions seek inputs to inform planning for future research.

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