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Surprisingly Hopeful News From COP26

Carl Pope

Just as we are going to press, an article by Carl Pope arrived. It is titled, “The Surprisingly Hopeful Moral of the UN Climate Summit.” And as the title indicates, the article itself is quite hopeful about the direction of climate change.

In the article, Pope says this: “The strong prognosis is the climate is seriously injured but can recover, with some hard work. Multiple new analyses suggested, for the first time, that the original goal of limiting the planet to 2°C of warming could be achieved if every country kept its existing and new COP26 commitments. Rystad, a major oil industry analyst, suggested we were on a trajectory that could limit emissions to 1.6°C – close to the 1.5° Paris goal.”

This is without doubt the most optimistic assessment we have seen on the issue of climate change. It is a story of hope that we believe everyone should see.

Unfortunately, it was too late to include the article in this issue. We don’t want our readers to wait two months to see it, however, so we put it up online. You can read what Carl Pope has to say here: .

Happy Holidays!

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