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Stratton Mountain, VT Signs On For Solar Power

Wallingford, Vermont Community Solar Array (Courtesy photo)

Stratton Mountain Resort (Stratton) has entered a power-purchase agreement to be the recipient of solar energy produced by Sea Oak Capital’s 500-kilowatt AC solar array in Wallingford, Vermont. Located 40 miles north of Stratton Mountain, the newly completed solar array has the ability to generate approximately 1,000,000 kilowatt hours annually. This places Stratton Mountain among the leaders of Vermont ski areas in regard to solar energy production in the state.

How much energy is 1,000,000-kilowatt hours? Annually, 1,000,000 kilowatt hours are enough energy to power the entire Sun Bowl Area, the Welcome Center, all retail and dining locations in the Stratton Village, the Stratton Training and Fitness Center, and the Child Care Center, with some kilowatt hours to spare.

The power purchase agreement is another step in Stratton Mountain’s commitment to increase the resort’s overall renewable energy mix. Currently, the resort as a whole is powered by 64% renewable energy, defined as wind and solar energy in Vermont, and the overall energy mix produced is 94% carbon free. The solar production from this new array began in July 2021.

“At Stratton we are excited about this long-term partnership with Sea Oak as it represents continued action in our ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility; a key strategic initiative for not only Stratton, but also Alterra Mountain Company, and our industry as a whole. Partnerships and investments like this one help not only an individual organization meet its sustainability goals, but also provide opportunities for the local region to improve its environmental footprint” said Bill Nupp, Stratton Mountain Resort’s president.

“We look forward to our long-term partnership with Stratton Mountain Resort and congratulate them on their commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability,” said Dan Poydenis, Chief Executive Officer of Sea Oak Capital. “The Wallingford solar project is our seventh Vermont solar project in the last twelve months, and further demonstrates our commitment to assisting the state and local businesses in achieving their renewable energy goals.”

This power purchase agreement shows Stratton’s commitment to being a leader in efficiency and sustainability in the ski industry and support of the further integration of renewable energy into the Vermont power grid. “We are committed to a role of environmental leadership across all areas of business. It is a priority and responsibility of Stratton to be stewards of the natural environment in which we live, work, and play by incorporating a sustainable point of view into every business decision” says Stratton Mountain Resort’s Sustainability Manager, Connor O’Sullivan.

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