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New York City Does It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Bans Gas in New Construction –On Wednesday, December 15th, the New York City Council passed a bill that effectively bans fossil fuels in new construction of buildings 7 stories or less by 12/31/2023 and larger buildings by 7/1/27. Click here for Associated Press coverage of the Council Action. The vote was 40 affirmative to 7 negative, For the language of the bill see – Proposed Int. No. 2317-A – 12/9/21.   The City becomes the largest of 66 jurisdictions across 7 states have adopted building electrification policies (or policies for pollution-free homes and buildings)- Write Sage Welch at for the complete list.

Gotham Bat Signal – From 50 second Climate Nexus video celebrating passage of the NYC law

“Lawmakers to Hochul: Expand Public Renewable Power – More than 50 legislators… sent a letter to Gov. Kathy Hochul calling on her to include legislation in her 2022 agenda that expands the New York Power Authority’s operations to help the state achieve its climate goals…Under the proposed legislation, the state would allow the New York Power Authority to greatly expand its renewable capabilities by removing the six-facility limit the public authority has on owning large-scale generation facilities. Additionally, the bill would require NYPA to build out only renewable energy while phasing out all non-renewable facilities.” (from 2021 12 1 – City & State First Read)

From the NYPA website

 MA National Grid Geothermal Pilots – Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) has approved four (4) National Grid geothermal pilot projects – where they will target leak prone pipe areas, remove/disable the gas network and have the buildings go all electric. The initiative includes paying for electric appliances, like driers, stoves, and hot water heaters. A link to the order is here.


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