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NY-GEO Call to Action: Please Call NYC Council member Cory Johnson to Pass Gas Ban Legislation – Time is growing short for the New York City Council to pass critical climate change legislation this year. Intro 2317 would ban gas hookups in new buildings and major renovations, an essential step towards moving New York off fossil fuels. On November 17, the council held a hearing during which experts, including NY-GEO members/staff Zach Fink, Bill Nowak, John Rath and allies, provided overwhelming evidence that the bill is feasible and necessary. The next step is for Speaker Corey Johnson to bring the bill to a vote this year. Unfortunately, industry opponents are seeking to delay and weaken the bill, and even block it altogether. We need to send a message that the council must pass the strongest possible bill NOW. Please call Speaker Johnson and share this alert widely:888-431-7599. You don’t need to be a resident or NYC business to call.

NY City Council Speaker Corey Johnson

Viewpoint: Decarbonize with the All-Electric Building Act – 2021 11 17 Op Ed by Lisa Marshall in the Albany Times-Union – “In a recent press statement, Gov. Kathy Hochul said, ‘buildings are the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions in New York state, and we need to ramp up tangible solutions that decarbonize buildings faster to fight climate change.’ She’s right. The technology exists to kick fossil fuels out of buildings. There is simply no good reason a building built in New York today should be connected to the gas system.” Full Op Ed here.

Lisa Marshall, Mothers Out Front


Nearly Half of NYC Buildings Fail to Make the Green Grade – By Samantha Maldonado – Dec 2, 2021, -in The City – “The second annual report card for 20,000 structures — from pre-war apartment complexes to skyscrapers — showed modest improvements. But the most popular mark was again “D,” even as the pandemic skewed power usage… Across the city, nearly 20% of buildings 25,000 square feet or larger received A grades, compared with about 16% in 2020, the data shows. ‘Building owners care so much. We’ve never seen anything have as high an impact,’ said Donnel Baird, CEO of the company Blocpower, which upgrades buildings for improved energy efficiency, mainly through electrification. ‘Even the threat of fines has not created as much of a reaction as these letter grades on the front of the buildings.’ ” Full article here (tip from 2021 12 03 – City & State First Read)

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