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GMP Extends Rebates Through 2022 to Help More Customers Cut Costs and Carbon Emissions

Thousands of Customers Saved on Heat Pumps, Electric Vehicles, and More This Year

Green Mountain Power (GMP) is extending its popular rebate programs through all of 2022 to help more customers save money while reducing carbon emissions. The rebates were set to expire at the end of this year.

In 2021, GMP customers saved with more than 7,000 rebates when they made the choice to switch away from fossil fuel at home and on the road – for heating, driving, mowing their lawn, and electric motorcycles. GMP rebates include a $1,500 rebate on all electric vehicles, plus an extra $1,000 for low- and moderate-income customers, and a $400 base rebate on cold climate heat pumps with an extra $800 in incentives for income-eligible customers in partnership with Efficiency Vermont.

The Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC) cut costs with GMP incentives while completing the renovation of a historic house in Montpelier to serve as new office and expanded meeting space.

“One of our goals was a net zero building, and Green Mountain Power’s incentives were a huge help in swapping out an old, inefficient oil-burning boiler for cold climate heat pumps,” said Brian Shupe, VNRC’s executive director. “GMP’s incentives also helped us install an electric vehicle charging station to help staff and visitors convert to electric vehicles.”

In 2021, GMP rebates and customized projects with business customers around the state will offset more than 173,000 metric tons of lifetime carbon emissions – the equivalent of taking 38,000 gas-fueled cars off the road.

“These are popular programs that continue to grow each year as more Vermonters move toward clean electricity to power their lives and fight climate change,” said Kristin Carlson, a GMP vice president. “All our programs are designed to help reduce costs for all GMP customers and make the grid more flexible, boost resiliency, and enable more cost-effective local renewable energy generation. We’re all proud of the progress we’re making, and excited to partner with customers to do much more in the new year.”

Rebates are just one way GMP helps customers cut carbon and costs – a specialized team of energy experts will consult with businesses, free of charge, to design custom clean energy transformation projects that help businesses save. GMP offers incentives to help install clean heat systems, electric commercial ovens, electric snowmaking, EV charging and more.

“It’s all about finding creative ways to help businesses achieve their energy goals,” said Carlson.

You can learn more about GMP’s free Business Innovation consultation services on GMP’s website, and there are more details about GMP’s rebates on electric vehicles and charging, and heating and yard care, too.

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