Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 1 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Amazon, Walmart And The World’s Biggest Retailers Are Making Port Congestion And Pollution Worse, New Report Finds” • The supply chain is facing major blockages. Container ships are heaping pollution into communities near the congested ports. The biggest offenders are, unsurprisingly, the world’s biggest retailers, a report says. [CNN]

Tanker sitting immobile (Shaah Shahidh, Unsplash)

  • “Renewables Are Being Installed At Top Speed – But Still Far Too Slow To Fix The Planet, Energy Watchdog Says” • The growth of renewable energy is set to hit an all-time record this year, but is still falling “well short” of what is necessary to reduce planet-warming emissions in the way that is needed, according to the International Energy Agency. [CNN]
  • “Democrats Push Tax Credits To Bolster Clean Energy” • Industry groups and experts see Democrats’ proposed clean energy tax credits as a major boost for alternative energy and tackling climate change. Modeling showed that credits in the Build Back Better package could as much as double the current record rate of renewable deployment. [The Hill]
  • “Contracts Approved For Transmission Lines To Bring Renewable Power Into New York City” • A New York State agency approved two contracts to deliver solar, wind, and hydropower into New York City via new transmission lines. Now, the New York Public Service Commission is considering approval, subject to a public comment period. [S&P Global]
  • “13% Of Auto Sales In Europe Were Fully Electric Vehicles In October” • More than 184,000 plugin vehicles were registered in Europe in October, which is up 26% year over year. This is in an overall auto market that is falling off a cliff – down 29%. Last month, 800,000 units were registered overall, the lowest number for October since the ’90s! [CleanTechnica]
  • “DOE Revives Consent-Based Siting Process for Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal” • After failed efforts to address federal management of spent nuclear fuel, the DOE issued a request for information that could determine where the agency will temporarily consolidate and store spent fuel from nuclear reactors across the nation. [Power Magazine]

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