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Comment on the Draft Comprehensive Energy Plan

Public comments on Vermont’s draft Comprehensive Energy Plan may be made until December 20, 2021.

From Renewable Energy Vermont:

The Vermont Department of Public Service has released its draft Comprehensive Energy Plan to guide the State of Vermont’s energy policy for the next five years. While the draft Plan has some notable high points such as its commitment to greater equity, the draft does not recommend utilizing new in-state wind resources to meet Vermont’s future energy needs and therefore falls well short in moving Vermont towards a more independent and resilient energy future based on reliable in-state wind and solar power.

REV members also need to push back against the Plan’s statement that, “Under any reasonable measure, the existing siting process allows well-sited generation projects to be built in Vermont.”

REV members have long documented how the existing siting process is unpredictable and unnecessarily time-consuming adding extra costs and uncertainty to the construction of renewable energy projects.

You can read REV’s full comments on the draft Plan here.

Renewable energy is the key to stopping climate change, so please take a few moments to submit your comments on the draft comprehensive plan!

The Department will accept public comments on the draft CEP until December 20, 2021 and can be submitted via the CEP email portal: For reference, here is the link to the full CEP draft.

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