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SolarFest Winter Series starts this Saturday! First one is on heat pumps.

Attend our Winter Workshop Series at the 1786 Meeting House in Rupert, VT (or view online afterwards)

The series begins with ‘Heating & Cooling With Heat Pumps’ — on Sat. Nov. 13th from 10:00 – 11:30 am

As heating oil and propane prices continue to skyrocket, now is a good time to learn about the advantages of cold-climate heat pumps. this panel discussion runs from 10:00 – 11:30 am with specialists in all types of systems including hot water heaters, ground-source, air-source and hybrid heat pumps, plus the latest developments in new technologies.

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Moderated by TEC-SMART faculty member Joanne Coons, this panel features an exciting cross section of knowledgeable practitioners: Matthew Desmarais – Energy Catalyst, Robert Jensen – Agreenability, Kevin Moravec – Moravec Geothermal, and more. Plus, there’s a free pie tasting in time to order before Thanksgiving!

The full schedule is posted, and all workshops are free

With a new workshop each month, the historic Meeting House, at 2803 Rt 153 in Rupert, is hosting a full range of informative and important workshop topics: Dec. 4th — Home Efficiency for Savings & Comfort, Jan. 15th – Transitioning to an Exciting and Great Paying Green Job, Feb. 5th — Solar Energy + Storage Showcase, and Mar. 5th — Getting Off the Grid. Attend in-person or view online afterwards.

Pre-register to attend the SolarFest Winter Workshops

While you’re there, check out the latest news, including upcoming events from 350VT. With all of the exciting developments going on today in renewable energy, climate activism, sustainable buildings, and new government policies, it’s urgent that we go forward fast and safely as we search for a new consensus for a sustainable world.

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There’s no better place for fun, new ideas, and the most interesting conversations.

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