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New Developments in Air-to Water Heat Pumps Webinar November 2, 2021

New Developments in Air-to-Water Heat Pumps – Noon to 1 PM EDT – These systems are not your brother’s mini-split heat pump. There are air-to-water heat pumps which offer radiant heating, up to 100% of domestic hot water heating, and/or forced air heating and cooling. Most have a monobloc design which eliminates the need for refrigerant lines between the outdoor and indoor units, resulting in greater ease of installation and service, as well as increased reliability. We are seeing traditional water-source and geothermal heat pump manufacturers begin to offer air-to-water products, expanding options for building electrification. Register here.
• Justin Jobe / Enertech
• Richard Gerbe / Highmark
• Garen Ewbank / GreyEdge Group


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