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Harvest Festival TOMORROW! Winter Holiday Arts & Wellness Camps for kids and more!

Here’s a fun event from The Sage Street Mill!
Join us tomorrow at the HARVEST FESTIVAL!
Free entry & parking from 4-6 PM
  • Live music performance by David C Domenick!
  • Closing Reception of Re-envisioning Renewables!
  • Alternative Market: featuring a Middle Eastern grill (Lebanese food), sourdough bread, microgreens, organic produce, fresh meat, raw-milk, natural fragrances, crystals, prints and crafts! All brought to you by local women and minority owned local businesses!
  • Kids station: interactive solar panel, board games, and art supplies for kids!
OPEN REGISTRATION – Winter Vacation Arts & Wellness Camps for Kids! Get $50 off if you register before January 1st. 
“Our campers will engage with nature, art programming and learn wellness practices through our daily gratitude circle, art and mindfulness activities, reflection time and team building games.”
Program schedule: 
1st Week Session: December 27-31st, 2021
2nd Week Session: February 21-25th, 2022

Meeting time: 9-4pm M-Friday
Covid Restriction: Limit to 12 kids in a group
Ages: 6-12

Our registration is currently open and we will really appreciate it if you can share the news with your friends and family:)
Registration/medical/accommodations form and more information can be found here:

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