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Just In! (from NY-GEO)

Below are G.E.T.’s top picks from NY-GEO’s weekly “Just-In” Newsletter. Just In! features three fresh news item summaries on the NY-GEO home page every Monday. NY-GEO members get the full newsletter, which includes an advanced look at the website articles, plus event listings and job openings and several bonus article summaries with links, usually on the Saturday before website publication.

National Grid Commits to Gas Sales Cut Target – A Joint Proposal has been filed with the Public Service Commission on a rate plan in National Grid’s upstate territory. Among the more significant negotiated provisions, the company has committed to target a 1% reduction in billed gas sales in the Gas Matters section of the agreement. This target builds on a ½% reduction won by clean energy advocates and industry stakeholders in the downstate NGRID gas rate case in May, 2021. In a decades-long period of gas expansion in the U.S., these reduction targets represent a sea change in utility policy. With New York’s Climate Law mandating a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and with gas now recognized in New York State as the most climate destabilizing fuel, reduced gas sales will need to be the new norm. The reductions won in recent cases begin a trend that will need to intensify at a rapid pace.


Governor Hochul Designates Rory M. Christian As Chair Of The Public Service Commission – “I am pleased to designate Rory Christian chair of the PSC,” Governor Hochul said. “His deep expertise on utility operations and regulation, environmental policy, and community engagement make him uniquely qualified to help the State address the climate crisis while achieving PSC’s core mission to maintain reliable and affordable utility service. I have high expectations that under Rory’s leadership, the PSC will advance innovative energy and telecommunications policy, protect consumers, enhance utility reliability and resilience, foster economic development, and responsibly tackle the challenge of climate change.” Full release here.


Attorney General Letitia James Directs $6 Million National Grid Settlement to LMI Heat Pumps – “When powerful companies skirt the law at the expense of the state, we will not hesitate to step in and hold them accountable,” said Attorney General James. “For more than four years, National Grid undercounted and falsely reported electrical usage of more than 1,000 homes and businesses, costing the Long Island Power Authority and the state millions. We’re holding National Grid responsible for their shocking behavior and delivering $6 million to help low- and moderate- income Long Islanders modernize and replace their heat pumps. These upgrades will not only help lower the energy costs for 350 families across Nassau and Suffolk counties — especially important as so many continue to suffer the detrimental financial impacts of Hurricane Ida — but will provide Long Island homes with the necessary improvements to utilize cleaner energy options.” Attorney General’s press release here..

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