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Husqvarna: Sustainable Chainsaws

(And a world of outdoor equipment)

George Harvey

Those of us who know the editor of Green Energy Times, Nancy Rae Mallery, come to expect her energy and enthusiasm. That being the case, we are probably not terribly surprised to find that she has three chainsaws to keep herself supplied with firewood, all of which she uses. This year, she was in need of some new chains & a bit of servicing for all three.

She went to a local chainsaw shop, Woodsville Power Equipment (WPE), in Woodsville, New Hampshire, to get the work done. Her chainsaws include an 18-inch Husqvarna®, powered by gas, and two Greenworks® battery-powered saws, one 16 inch and one 14 inches. WPE, it turned out, could service the Husky and had new chains and knowledge about all three saws. This family-owned business sells and can service both of these brands and others as well. Much of their expertise, however, is with Husqvarna equipment.

According to the history page at Husqvarna’s website (, the company was actually started as a government-owned plant in 1620. Though the years, its product lines have been expanded to the point that it made everything from typewriters to lawnmowers. The company was privatized long ago, as product lines evolved and changed. As it stands now, Husqvarna is a company that makes and sells all sorts of outdoor equipment, built in America. It would be a great starting point for anyone who is looking for leaf blowers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, or just about any other outdoor equipment.

Husqvarna is serious about sustainability. Last year, it adopted a program called ‘Sustainovate,’ and reports of its progress have already appeared. Its 2020 Sustainovate Progress Report” said the company had reduced its CO emissions by 32%, compared to 2015. ( Husqvarna had earlier become a member of the Climate Leadership Coalition (

A wall full of just the Husqvarna® chainsaws and supplies at Woodsville Power Equipment in Woodsville, New Hampshire. (Courtesy image)

Tommy Powley, general manager of WPE, the local Husqvarna shop, spoke of the progress Husqvarna is making on sustainable practices, both in its operations and for its products. Husqvarna is a great company,” he said. We see what they are doing with the battery products and it seems like their footprint is smaller than many other companies out there. We appreciate that.”

The owner, Ronson Smith, showed Mallery the newest battery-powered chainsaw they have in stock. This is an impressive chainsaw. He pointed out the 2.5 hours in eco mode option, and that the battery will run for a solid 1.5 hours during heavy usage. Backup batteries are available in a variety of sizes for the Husqvarna equipment. For example, 40-volt batteries are available in 2.5-amp, 5-amp, and 9-amp sizes. Conveniently, the spare batteries can be hooked to a tool belt. Powley noted that keeping chains sharp increases battery life.

Husqvarna has five battery-powered electric chainsaw models available. It has many models of gas-powered chainsaws, as well. We would like to make note that all of their products are produced with sustainable practices. Its other outdoor equipment includes leaf blowers, riding lawn mowers, snow blowers, pressure washers, trimmers, etc. And we might especially mention robotic lawn mowers. G.E.T. will enlarge on this in the spring.

As we mentioned, WPE sells and services a wide range of products, not all Husqvarna. Greenworks and Echo equipment are available through the shop. Smith commented on Mallery’s Greenworks chainsaws, noting that the models she had chosen were of commercial quality. WPE also sells Echo battery products, Generac products, and outdoor apparel from Timberland Pro and Arborwear.

Husqvarna is on the leading edge of sustainable equipment, and Woodsville Power Equipment is a great example of the local dealers helping them get there. Husqvarna now offers many options for electric equipment with more coming.

Mallery comments that she appreciates Husqvarna because they are possibly the greenest manufacturer out there, noting a past label on her last chainsaw boasting this. She has used their chainsaws for over 40 years. “I am happy with the performance of my new Greenworks battery-powered saws, but I do think the quality of the Husqvarna is superior. If I had known about their battery-powered options, I would have chosen one of them. However, I am thrilled that WPE can service all of my chainsaws and get parts when needed. I am pleased to have this local shop available to fill my needs.

Woodsville Power Equipment’s web site is

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