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Contractor Spotlight: GSK Climate Control, Inc.

Efficiency Vermont’s Efficiency Excellence Network’s (EEN) New Ground-source Heat Pump Group

Interview with Greg Kristiansen, President of GSK Climate Control, Inc.

G.E.T. Staff

Efficiency Vermont started a new ground-source heat pump technology sector for its Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN). The first member is GSK Climate Control, Inc. A spotlight on this company was done in Green Energy Times’ June 2020 issue (see This interview focuses on GSK Climate Control’s work with heat pumps.

How did you get into the heat pump business? Our background is in HVAC and refrigeration. Heat pumps operate in a similar fashion as any refrigeration and air conditioning appliance with a few additional controls to reverse the cycle.

How long have you been installing ground-source heat pumps? Since 1985.

How does this technology work? It uses electricity to power a refrigeration system that transfers “free heat” to a place that needs it. In the case of cooling, it removes heat and transfers it to another location. The cost to transport the heat is the electricity used to power the refrigeration system. This “free heat” that we are paying to transport will typically be four to five times more efficient than electric heat by itself.

What are some things one should look out for as both a customer and an installer? Customers should ask for references of similar installations. As an installer you should start with a properly sized and designed system. The air and water systems need to provide the proper flows required by the manufacturer to provide a long-lasting efficient system. These flows both on the air and water side need to be measured and verified.

What are the benefits of ground-source heat pumps? No outdoor equipment, a single appliance to provide heating and cooling, and no fossil fuels.

What are the benefits of being part of the newly formed EEN group for ground-source heat pump technology? Being part of the EEN group brings people with like mind-sets together with the common goal of increased efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions.

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