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Bells of Fun, Effective Action for the Planet – Sat., Oct 30

Here is an environmental/climate action that is relatively simple to do, and also a lot of fun, and invite you to chime in, literally.

Here’s the action:

Sat. Oct. 30. 2pm or so — church bells, shofars, gongs, etc ring for 10 minutes. Everybody joins in with drums, hand bells, howling voices, pots & pans.
(suggested rain date: Sun Oct 31 2pm)

Here’s the reason:

COP26 starts on Oct 31 in Glasgow, Scotland, (a city on target to be carbon neutral by 2030). COP26 is a global event,  sponsored by UN, called the 26th Climate Conference of the Parties.

Green Party UK member and church bell ringer Edward Gildea of East Anglia (cc’d above) initiated this idea, calling it Ring Out for Climate. He and his comrades are aiming to get all the church bells in UK to ring out for 10 minutes at 6pm Oct 30 (which is 2pm here). It’s an entrenched part of English culture that when their island nation is under threat, all the church bells sound the alarm to activate the people to protect their land. Ed is thrilled that we in the US are chiming in. 

We want to educate the public and encourage citizens to contact the White House & other elected telling them to get real serious real fast about stopping fossil and nuclear fuel projects, ceasing the death by plastic project, & supporting sustainable energy and production practices.
If any participating group wants to and has the means, the bell ringing in UK can be livestreamed to local ring-out rallies. It might be effective to livestream UK, pause, and then chime in, and livestream back.
Please bear in mind that this idea is very adaptable. It can consist of a few people making noise on a street corner, or a larger rally with music, percussion, street theater, visuals leading up to the main sounding,  along with simple hand-outs and willingness to engage with intrigued passers-by.

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