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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Our calls are making a difference!

THANK YOU to those who helped make the Senate campaign for climate legislation so successful: over 50,000 contacts in 3 weeks!

News broke a week ago in BloombergThe Hill, and NBC that the Senate Finance Committee is considering carbon pricing as part of the reconciliation bill. The Senate heard us when we asked them to go big on climate change with a price on carbon earlier this summer.

This is great news. It’s now way more likely that the climate provisions in the reconciliation package will meet President Biden’s goal of 50% emissions reductions by 2030. And, now it’s time to push with everything we’ve got to make this a reality. 

Please email President Biden to tell him you support a price on carbon in budget reconciliation.

Email President Biden

Even though Congress determines what’s in the budget reconciliation package, President Biden is working closely with Congressional leaders. The President’s influence could be the nudge that gets climate pricing into the bill. Please give him a nudge today.


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