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Just In! (from NY-GEO)

Below are G.E.T.’s top picks from NY-GEO’s weekly “Just-In” Newsletter. Just In! features three fresh news item summaries on the NY-GEO home page every Monday. NY-GEO members get the full newsletter, which includes an advanced look at the website articles, plus event listings and job openings and several bonus article summaries with links, usually on the Saturday before website publication.

Will Kathy Hochul support a carbon tax? – Getting behind an effort that fell short last session could change the climate game in New York. – by Rebecca Lewis – “The new governor so far seems to have shied away from taking an early stance on a key climate issue… ‘I know you’re suggesting one approach, I’m saying there’s another approach on the table, but I am looking at all options right now.’ She declined to specifically express support for the Climate and Community Investment Act, carbon tax legislation that failed in the state Legislature this past session after business and fossil fuel interests lobbied against it. ‘I will be supporting anything that’s going to get us to a better place,’ Hochul said at the Wednesday press conference when asked about the bill, before once again reiterating how last week’s catastrophic flooding served as a ‘red alert.’ “ Full article here. (from 2021 09 09 – City & State First Read)

Gov. Hochul – $6 Million for Climate Justice Fellowships – 2021 09 07 –  Full Press Release here – “Governor Kathy Hochul today announced $6 million is now available over three years to support 150 Climate Justice Fellowship opportunities for individuals across the state currently residing in historically disadvantaged communities or from priority populations. This announcement, in advance of New York’s upcoming celebration of Climate Week from September 20 to September 26, helps support New York State’s commitment to ensure an equitable clean energy transition for all New Yorkers as required by the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.”

“Triumph! Harvard Finally Divests From Fossil Fuel – The richest university in the world capitulates after a decade of activism – by Bill McKibben – The end came, as ends often do, quietly: at midafternoon today Harvard president Larry Bacow released a letter to Harvard students, faculty, and alumni. He didn’t use the word ‘divestment’–that would have been too humiliating–but he did say that the richest university on earth no longer had any direct investments in fossil fuel companies, and that its indirect investments through private equity funds would be allowed to lapse. ‘HMC has not made any new commitments to these limited partnerships since 2019 and has no intention to do so going forward. These legacy investments are in runoff mode and will end as these partnerships are liquidated.’” – Full article here. Thanks to Green Life – the Latest from Sierra Magazine for this tip.

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