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Central Hudson Commits to Reducing Gas Sales

Central Hudson, a utility with about 309,000 electric and 84,000 gas customers, is the first utility in New York to agree to reduce their gas sales!

This hard-fought victory was achieved through months of pressure and negotiations with Central Hudson in their most recent rate case. Rate cases are one of the few ways that New Yorkers can advocate for better utility service, fight back against rate hikes that only benefit utility shareholders and executives, and oppose specific investments in the utility gas system.

Based on an agreement reached in that case, the utility will use a combination of energy efficiency and renewable heating technologies over the next four years to achieve a 2.5% net decrease from 2019 levels in the amount of gas it sells to customers. The company will also stop promoting oil to gas conversions on its website and remove claims that gas is more environmentally friendly than oil. This agreement with Central Hudson shows that gas utilities can and should begin decreasing gas sales and transitioning their business models away from fossil fuels.

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