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We Dare You to Look Under the Hood of NHEC Electric Rates!

Tom Belair

Owning and driving an electric vehicle (EV) has many benefits under the hood.

  • A quiet, more enjoyable driving experience from not having a combustion engine.
  • Less expensive to maintain due to fewer moving parts.
  • Regenerative braking that re-charges the battery.
  • Higher performance that’s more fun to drive.
  • Runs cleaner with zero tailpipe emissions.
  • Fast, easy charging at home.
  • What other benefits are you seeing? Let us know at or

The New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) offers EV drivers another benefit, lower electricity rates when charging overnight, 9 PM to 7 AM.

Currently, NHEC’s electricity price is $0.14604 per kWh. NHEC offers its members a lower rate if they charge their EV during off-peak hours. Members simply have to install a time-of-use meter between their electric panel and their Level 2 charger to get this lower off-peak rate of $0.08720 per kWh. This amounts to a 40% discount off normal rates, enabling members to charge their vehicles at a lower rate when there is less demand for electricity.

By charging at night, EV owners not only get the lower rate, but they help NHEC and all of its members by keeping this new charging load from coming on during on-peak periods, which would result in increasing NHEC’s overall peak load, driving prices up.

NHEC is working together with members on this special EV rate to reduce emissions, save money and reduce peak demand. Now that’s teamwork! A win for everyone!

Note: For NHEC members on this time-of-use rate, there is a $3.10 monthly service charge. The current EV off-peak rate (EVF) is $0.08720 per kWh while the EV on-peak rate (EVN) is $0.19143 per kWh, both assuming you are on NHEC power and not on a competitive energy supplier. These rates change twice per year and may fluctuate both up and down. But rest assured, the EVF rate will always be less than NHEC’s normal Rate B.

Tom Belair is on the Energy Solutions team at NH Electric Cooperative, a not-for-profit member-owned electric utility serving 85,000 members in NH. Please visit for more information.

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