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Tomorrow: Panel with New England Mayors & Local Leaders Urging Federal Climate Action

New England Mayors & Local Leaders Urge Federal Climate Action

What: Join Mayors and City Councilors from around New England for a panel discussion about the impacts of climate change, opportunities for action at the local level, and the need for aggressive action from the federal government. These local leaders are seeing the impacts of climate change firsthand in their communities. Hear about the climate actions they’re taking locally, and why they are calling for significant federal investments in climate, clean energy, justice, and jobs.
When: 11am, Weds., August 18th
  • Elizabeth Turnbull Henry, Environmental League of Massachusetts
  • Mayor Anne Watson, Montpelier, Vermont
  • City Councilor / Former Mayor Sarah Nichols, Bangor, Maine
  • City Councilor Jesse Lederman, Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Mayor Joyce Craig, Manchester, New Hampshire
Contact: Mayor Anne Watson, 802-595-1734 (cell),

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