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Rebate Programs in VT Continue Savings on EVs, Electric Motorcycles, Heat Pumps, and More Through 2021

Green Mountain Power (GMP) announced it is extending its popular rebates on electric vehicles (EVs), electric motorcyclesheat pumpsgeothermal heating systems, and electric yard care equipment through Dec. 31, 2021. The rebates, which were set to expire at the end of August, have already enabled more than 3,000 customers to save money this year and reduce their carbon footprints.
“These rebates are great ways to help reduce the price of innovative equipment and electric vehicles to help our customers cut their carbon and costs,” said Kristin Carlson, vice president and chief energy services executive at GMP. “When our customers make the switch to clean electric for heating, driving and other equipment, it also helps lowers costs for all GMP customers as we reduce the need for expensive peak energy.”
Transportation and heating are the two largest sources of carbon pollution in Vermont, so switching away from fossil fuels with electric vehicles and heat pumps is a key step customers can take to help Vermont reach clean energy goals. GMP’s power supply is already 95% carbon free and 64% renewable, and GMP is committed to being 100% carbon free in under four years and 100% renewable by 2030.
Two testimonials from some who are happy to have made the switch: “The heat pump rebate helped me a great deal,” said a GMP customer in southwestern Vermont who called GMP this summer to say thank you.  A customer from the Upper Valley emailed after saving on an electric vehicle to say, ”Thank you for making it feasible for low-income individuals.”
You can learn more about GMP’s rebates to help you switch to clean drivingheating, and yard care on GMP’s website.

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