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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Project Powershift – EV Chargers Available

Where? Washington Electric Co-op, WEC Area

WEC’s Project Powershift initiative to include electric vehicle chargers enabled to charge your car when energy costs are lowest and powered by the cleanest sources. Members with electric cars can receive a new level 2 EV charger for their home.

What is Project PowerShift? When peak electricity demand is high (usually in the evening) it causes increased operational costs that can impact electricity rates. By enrolling in Project PowerShift, you can be part of a shift to the electric grid of the future. We invite you to work with your member-owned co-op to lower costs for all members. Together we can and push down our peak energy demand by sharing the “flexibility” available in EV chargers.

This is a chance to help our co-op maintain our 100% renewable status and reduce costs. This is a first come, first served program, you must reserve your spot. Available chargers are limited. Learn more at

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