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Montpelier’s MyRide: Your ride to a more livable community

How can on-demand transit make room for new housing and community-centered development in town? New at the VNRC blog People, Places, and Transportation, we explore an innovative microtransit system taking root in Montpelier, and the land use implications for the Capital City. Read all about it here.

MyRide, operated by Green Mountain Transit, is a two-year pilot project providing flexible-schedule, flexible-route service. It replaced Montpelier’s three fixed-route bus routes in January 2021

Solutions like MyRide provide options for all members of the community: those who don’t have cars, and those who want to reduce (or eliminate) their reliance on them. Find out why the Sustainable Montpelier Coalition conceived of MyRide back in 2018, and how it’s working so far.

Thanks for joining VNRC on this journey to reimagine transportation in Vermont!

Stephanie Gomory
Communications Director

Vermont Natural Resources Council

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