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Fossil Fuel Heated Homes Blowing Up – In the past 2 weeks 2 fossil fuel heated homes have blown up in Lackawanna, just South of Buffalo and near Old Forge in the Adirondacks. Central NY News has a 1 minute video of the Old Forge explosion and reports “No one was home at the time of the explosion, but two landscapers working in a neighboring home sustained minor injuries, police said. Although it’s unclear exactly what caused the explosion, police said they think propane was involved.” In the Lackawanna incident, 92 year old Irene Sanok was killed and National Fuel Gas, the local utility, “found nothing unusual or any evidence of system malfunction or leaking natural gas” in its examination of “the main line and service line”. The service line is the pipe running from the main to a customer’s meter. National Fuel’s quote doesn’t address gas leaks that may have been internal to the house.


Schumer Opposes Brooklyn Pipeline – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has joined the grassroots fight against a proposed natural gas pipeline slated to run through several Brooklyn neighborhoods. Schumer, a Brooklyn native, voiced his opposition to the North Brooklyn Pipeline on Aug. 6, saying that the project would be harmful to vulnerable populations, and that it violates the Climate Leadership and Community Act (CLPCA).” Brooklyn Paper reports.

Building Electrification in the Top Ten – Canary Media author Noah Garcia has rated the Top 10 utility regulation trends of 2021 — so far – Coming in at #4 is “Efforts to electrify buildings gain ground as natural gas faces scrutiny – There has been much debate over the last several years around decarbonizing buildings and the future of the natural gas system, and that debate has been heating up this year. So far in 2021, Colorado regulators continued their proceeding on decarbonization of the natural gas system as they prepare for utilities to file new electrification plans in accordance with legislation passed this session. The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada plans to open a new proceeding on long-term gas planning in that state. After California’s landmark 2020 decision to establish $200 million in utility beneficial electrification programs, the California Public Utilities Commission continues its proceeding guiding future policies and rules for gas planning; it will conclude in 2022. Utility commissions in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Wisconsin and Oregon are also overseeing proceedings that have planning implications for building electrification technologies.” Read the full 10-minute article here.
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