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Green Energy Times is Expanding into Maine!

Green Energy Times (GET) has been distributed throughout 90% of Vermont, 85% of New Hampshire and regions of New York State for twelve years. We are often approached by readers from other states who would like to have us there. We do wish a big investor would come along to finance to help us reach further. (Be sure to let us know if you have an interest in helping!). G.E.T. is making a difference and should be available across the country and beyond!

In addition to the financial ability to take on such an endeavor, it takes a team in the new regions. Our New York team consists of dedicated volunteers who took the task and ran with it. The NY team is set up by Wyldon Fishman and the New York Solar Energy Society ( along with Joanne Coons who teaches at Hudson Valley Community College.

This year a group from Maine approached G.E.T. to volunteer their efforts to get the publication in their region. They ran a pilot distribution trial with the June 2021 edition in designated regions of the state. As anticipated, copies of G.E.T. flew off the shelves. We had to supply them with more bundles.

The Maine team consists of Cliff Babkirk (, Toby, Frank Mundo (, and John Pincince.

The pilot regions where you will be able to find G.E.T. include Belfast, Camden, Islesboro, Lincolnville, Montville, Northpoint, Rockland, Rockport, Saco, and Sanford.

If you are a reader in Maine, please be sure to share your copy with others, and let us know about stories and businesses that we should feature. The hope is that Green Energy Times will become a tool that can help those who seek to achieve energy independence. Most of all, we hope that it serves to help more to reduce their carbon footprint as we face the challenges from a changing climate.

Contact anyone from the Maine team or connect with the original G.E.T. team at or 802.439.6675. Welcome Maine!

Nancy Rae Mallery, publisher and founder of Green Energy Times.


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