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Solar Power World’s Top Installers plus G.E.T.’s List

The 1.38MW Windsor solar project was built in 2020 by Aegis Renewable Energy of Windsor, MA. (Aegis Renewable Energy)

George Harvey

Each year, Solar Power World (SPW) publishes its “Top Solar Contractors List,” including hundreds of installers in the United States. ( The list is made up of 426 contractors performing a wide range of services across the country. It is be broken down into sub-lists by state, and companies can choose to appear in the list for every state where they work. There are also lists broken down by market and service. The lists are ordered by the amount of solar capacity installed.

Often, companies take pride in their positions on the SPW list and on the various sublists. Some rank among the largest in a particular market or state, a feat that is never trivial. For those, we offer congratulations for their successes. Here are some in our area (the text in the article that appears online will have links):

iSun, in Burlington, Vermont is ranked at number 1 on the Vermont list and number 38 on the SPW national list. The company was created when Peck Electric, of Vermont, acquired iSun and changed its name. We had an article about Peck in the issue of September, 2020, “VT-based ‘The Peck Company’ is in the News Again.”

Revision Energy, is number 1 in both Maine and New Hampshire, 24 in Massachusetts, and 84 nationally. It was last covered in GET’s article of April, 2021, “Phillips Exeter’s Green Academy Awarded Sixth Leed Certification.”

SunCommon is number 4 in Vermont, 29 in New York, and 131 in the SPW national list. Our article of November, 2020, “Going Solar (Plus Storage): A Vermont Homeowner Shares Her Experience,” covered some of its work.

Norwich Solar Technologies is number 2 in Vermont, 5 in New Hampshire, and 166 nationally. You can see it in a number of our articles, including “Norwich Solar Technologies Named One of Vermont’s Best Places to Work.”

Aegis Renewables is number 6 in Vermont, 30 in Massachusetts, and 206 nationally. The article “Bristol Community-owned Solar Expands” in our edition of last June and relates to its work.

Green Mountain Solar is number 7 in Vermont and 280 nationally. Our article, “Working Together: Fortress Battery and Green Mountain Solar,” also appeared last June.

Granite State Solar is number 4 in New Hampshire and number 294 nationally. Our article of November, 2019, “Solarize Kearsarge Nears Completion,” covers some of their work.

Same Sun of Vermont is number 8 in Vermont, 9 in New Hampshire, and 347 for the nation.

Solar Store of Greenfield is number 36 in Massachusetts and 411 nationally. One of the great small installers of our area, they have been a valuable source of information and help for us. For example, they are cited in “Non-Traditional Solar Orientation,” in January of 2019.

There are many very fine installers in our readership area who are not on the SPW list. In many cases, they may not be interested in spending time on the application because they are local and it is national. We want to include some of the really good ones we know about:

Apex Solar Power is based in Queensbury, New York. It does work on solar and battery installations.

Ayer Electric does many types of electrical work, including solar installations. They are in Barrington, New Hampshire.

Catamount Solar, in Randolph, Vermont, was the subject of the 2018 article, Catamount Solar.

Eden Renewables is an interesting community solar developer with an office in Troy, New York. It has also been working in the U.K. and Africa.

High Peaks Solar is based in Wyantskill, New York. It does residential, community, and commercial solar projects, both grid-tied and off-grid.

Integrity Energy, of East Bethel, Vermont, designs and installs both on-grid and off-grid systems. They were the subject of their own article in 2017, “Integrity Energy.”

Power Guru, based in Bennington, Vermont, was recently rated as the best solar installer by the Bennington Banner, the local newspaper. They have been in our pages many times, for example in the recent article, “Power Guru Launches Community Solar for Bennington.”

O’Meara Solar is in West Topsham, Vermont. It does work in the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire. It has been in several of our articles, including “Off-Grid Solar Installations Increasing During the Pandemic.”

Solaflect is a highly innovative solar company in Norwich, Vermont that does installations and its own research. A post from its blog appeared in our April 2021 issue as “Spring Equinox at the 45th Parallel: Halfway to the Center of It All.”

Solartech has an office in Sutton, Vermont. Their work can be seen in “Off the Grid in Vermont and Beyond…,” which appeared in 2016.

Southern VT Solar, based in Putney, Vermont, is a great installer that has appeared on our pages many times. One article is “A Vermont Homeowner’s Experience.”

We feel that we probably missed somebody, and we will try to do better next time. Anyone who has a solar installation business in our readership area should feel free to contact us to be certain to be included in the next list that comes out.

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