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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Just In! (from NY-GEO)

Below are G.E.T.’s top picks from NY-GEO’s weekly “Just-In” Newsletter. Just In! features three fresh news item summaries on the NY-GEO home page every Monday. NY-GEO members get the full newsletter, which includes an advanced look at the website articles, plus event listings and job openings and several bonus article summaries with links, usually on the Saturday before website publication.

CAC: NY Climate Emissions from Buildings and Transportation are “Co-equal”, as are Emissions from Gas and Fuel Oil – On July 22nd the NY Climate Action Council, heard a presentation from the team working up the Council’s “integration analysis”. NYSERDA’s Carl Mas presented the impacts of the NY law (the Climate Leaderships & Community Protection Act-CLCPA) that defines the climate impact of various greenhouse gases. The first screen shot below is from a chart that was presented to the Council and shows their calculation that the climate impact of burning natural gas (215 lbs. CO2e/MMBTU) and fuel oil (219 lbs. CO2e/MMBTU) are essentially equal. Please note the tiny asterisked footnote, that puts gas emissions ahead of fuel oil at 235 lbs. when in-state gas infrastructure is included. The second chart shows that the Building (aka Heating) sector is now “co-equal” (Mas’ words) to the Transportation sector in its climate impact.

NY-GEO Board Expands – The New York Geothermal Energy Organization is expanding the board of directors to reload its stock of expertise and energy at a time when the electrification of buildings is becoming a key priority in New York’s greenhouse gas reduction strategies. The new board members are:
·      Kathy Hannun is President and Cofounder of Dandelion Energy, a leading geothermal heat pump installer.
·      Venetia Lannon is Vice President – Environmental Health and Safety at Con Edison. She was formerly the Deputy Secretary for the Environment under Governor Cuomo from 2016 to 2019, and was the New York City Regional Director of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) from 2011 to 2016.
·      Amanda Schneck is the Senior Territory Manager at WaterFurnace International for New York and the New England States. She provides WaterFurnace Dealers with sales, marketing, and training support.
$4 Million Awarded in Community Heat Pump Initiative – 23 Winning Projects to Explore Clean Energy Options at 600 Buildings with Two-Thirds of Funding Directed to Projects that Support Disadvantaged Communities   Quote from the press release with a listing of the 23 projects: “’Community thermal networks create the opportunity to scale up building electrification by providing healthier places to live and work to communities across the State,’ Governor Cuomo said. ‘These projects showcase how we can pair new, clean energy infrastructure in our communities while also delivering long-term energy savings for residents, including those in low income and disadvantaged communities.” Click here for the ongoing NYSERDA Public Opportunity Notice (PON 4614) under which these projects are being funded. Stay tuned for NY-GEO’s August 3rd webinar on this initiative. An Albany Times Union article and an Oneonta Daily Star article highlight a couple of the local projects.
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