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Hanover Community Power Vote on Tuesday

Hanover, New Hampshire, has a Community Power Electric Aggregation Plan up for a vote at town meeting on Tuesday, July 13. This is an important issue, but it is not hard to understand. You can learn about it at the website of Sustainable Hanover, HERE.

Article #18 on the warrant for the 2021 Town Meeting is about the Hanover Community Power Electric Aggregation Plan.

To see if the Town will vote to adopt the Hanover Community Power Electric Aggregation Plan which authorizes the Selectboard to develop and implement Hanover Community Power as described therein (pursuant to RSA 53-E:7).”

The vote on Article #18 will take place at Town Meeting on Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 7 pm at Dewey Field. Only voters attending in person may vote.

Approval by a majority of voters permits the Selectboard to proceed with implementing the Plan, subject to regulations adopted by the NH Public Utilities Commission.

Future decisions by the Selectboard will be made at duly noticed public meetings.

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