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Tuesday 6/29 at Noon – NY-GEO series – Electric Utility Embraces Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Description -This NY-GEO Webinar will feature Boyd Lee from the CKenergy Electric Cooperative in Oklahoma where they have installed over 1,300 free geothermal ground loops for their customers. Boyd will talk about changes in the market they observed and how this seemingly bold step has produced significant financial wins for the utility’s operations and benefits to rate payers. The market forces, energy prices and regulatory environments contributing to CKenergy’s success may be somewhat different than those in the Northeast, but we encourage you to listen for ideas that just might fit for our area. These could be the seeds of innovation needed to transform the way utilities deliver energy to their customers. Will Lange, the Director of Utility Marketing at WaterFurnace will introduce our speaker. This will be the last webinar before our summer break. We’ll pick back up on Tuesday, September 7th. Register Here.






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