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Below are G.E.T.’s top picks from NY-GEO’s weekly “Just-In” Newsletter. Just In! features three fresh news item summaries on the NY-GEO home page every Monday. NY-GEO members get the full newsletter, which includes an advanced look at the website articles, plus event listings and job openings and several bonus article summaries with links, usually on the Saturday before website publication.

NY Legislative Session – The Sierra Club has begun a write-in campaign to encourage the Assembly to pass a number of environmental and clean energy bills that were passed in the Senate but held up in the Assembly as the session ended. “By our count the Senate passed more than 30 important environment/energy/climate-oriented bills that the Assembly failed to take up. Conversely, we could only identify a single good environmental bill that the Assembly passed that was neglected by the Senate.” NY-GEO urges our members to send an email to the Assembly through the Sierra Campaign by clicking here. If you’d like to see the comment NY-GEO included with our signature, click here. If you’d like to see Sierra’s list of environmental and clean energy bills the full Legislature did pass, click here. Renewable Heat Now has also produced an informative list of bills they would like to see passed if, as rumored, there is a special session of the Legislature.

NYS Assembly – Done for the year?


NYSERDA Offers Free Heating and Cooling Electrification Screenings for Large Buildings – The Clean Heating and Cooling (CH&C) Screenings for Large Buildings initiative is an offering to encourage electrification of large buildings in New York State. As part of this plan, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is administering the CHC Screenings for Large Buildings initiative, whereby eligible customers can access free screenings to assess the potential benefits of installing clean, efficient alternatives to natural gas for heating and cooling their buildings…The screenings evaluate the technological, economic feasibility, and benefits of installing air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems relative to fossil-fuel based HVAC systems…Any owner of a commercial, multifamily, industrial, healthcare, nonprofit, higher-ed, or State and local government building (whether existing or new construction) located in New York State may apply if the following conditions are met: Building is 10,000 square feet or greater in size, and Owner pays a System Benefits Charge on the electric utility bill associated with the building. P-12 schools are ineligible but can receive screenings through another program.

Zero Place, New Paltz – This 46 unit geothermally heated and cooled mixed- use building was designated a 2020 NYS Building of Excellence

2021 06 22 – CO2 Refrigerant / High Temperature Heat Pumps: Commercial Hot Water Applications – Noon to 1 PM EDT–


Description – In case you haven’t heard, CO2 refrigerant heat pumps have some very unique properties, including being one of the most environmentally friendly refrigerants available. Also, CO2 heat pumps can efficiently increase (i.e., lift) the temperature of water over 100F in one pass of the heat exchanger – which is well suited to produce domestic hot water. In this session we will hear from three CO2 refrigerant heat pump manufacturers talking about their unique products and applications – largely focused on commercial and multi-family projects.
• Troy Davis / Mayekawa USA
• Kyle Korman / Mitsubishi Electric Trane
• Andrew Macaluso / Watts Water Technologies


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