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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Stop TD Bank from Funding Enbridge’s Line 3 – Thursday, May 20

Join Us This Thursday, May 20th in Montpelier

At the Corner of State and Main from Noon to 1 PM 


LINE 3 is an Enbridge pipeline, now under construction, that would carry filthy and highly corrosive tar sands crude from Alberta to Enbridge’s refining terminal in Superior Wisconsin. Line 3 would cross 337 miles of Minnesota, most of this  unceded Anishinabee land. Line 3 would cross waterways dozens of times, threatening sacred Anishinaabe wild rice harvest sites, as well as farmland, water supply and struggling small towns.
Minnesota’s Line 3 Environmental Impact Statement concluded that: 1) Line 3 will add 193 million tons of CO2 to the atmosphere each year, equivalent to adding 38 million cars to the road; 2) Completion of Line 3 would be equal to adding 50 new coal plants running for 50 years; 3) This $2.1 billion project will create $287 billion in climate costs over 30 years.
The time to stop all new fossil fuel infrastructure development is long past. The time to stop Enbridge’s Line 3 is now.
TD Bank is the fifth biggest institutional owner of Enbridge stock. It is also one of six banks that at the end of March made a “sustainability” loan of $1 billion to help Enbridge complete this project. Billions more in loans will soon be on the way to Enbridge from the same banks, including TD. This continues TD’s long-standing support for tarsands oil and fracked gas pipeline development. And Enbridge does business right here in Vermont, where, through one of its Canadian subsidiaries, it owns 40% of both Green Mountain Power and Vermont Gas Systems, whose fracked gas pipeline in Addison County continues to be under investigation for multiple, serious health and safety violations of its construction permit. 
The time to stop these Canadian companies whose tentacles reach deeply into Vermont is now. And now is the time to support the indigenous people and their allies in Minnesota who are fighting and risking arrest daily to Stop Line 3.
This Thursday May 20 at Noon in Montpelier
At the Corner of State and Main to Call on TD Bank To
Stop Funding Line 3
For more information contact:

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