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How to Fund Efficiency in Affordable Housing? Finance Forum Speakers Offer Insights

By Wendy Koch, Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many low- to moderate-income households have struggled to pay their energy bills, as millions have lost critical income and many face higher utility bills because of increased time spent at home. Their homes, in particular, would benefit from energy-saving upgrades to reduce utility costs.

Yet such upgrades have historically attracted a relatively small share of financing. To address this inequity, ACEEE is holding an interactive session at this month’s Finance Forum: “Financing Efficiency in Low- to Moderate-Income and Affordable Multifamily Housing.” The panel will look at new capital sources and financing structures that target efficiency upgrades in this hard-to-reach market.

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To give you a sneak peak, we reached out to the panel’s speakers with a few questions. Below are excerpts of our conversation with Kerry O’Neill, CEO of Inclusive Prosperity Capital, which invests in clean energy and resilience, and Candis Mary-Dauphin, program manager at StopWaste, a public agency in California’s Alameda County that helps people make smart decisions about the products they buy, the resources they use, and the items they no longer use.

Why have efficiency upgrades for affordable multifamily housing received little financing?

Kerry: Financing energy efficiency in affordable multifamily homes continues to be a challenge. This is in no small part due to the overall challenges of affordable multifamily housing…

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