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Green Energy Times Celebrates 12 Years

The upcoming edition of Green Energy Times is our 12-year Anniversary issue! I hope you will help us celebrate this milestone. We would love to hear from our supporters and publish your messages in the June/July issue to help celebrate. Some options we hope you will consider.
1. Message of up to 50 words ($30). Please include your name and location in the message.
  • Congratulations G.E.T. on your important work for the past 12 years.
  • You have truly made a difference in our region.
  • Per messages we receive, “We look forward to every issue and read it from cover to cover. We always learn something new on how to live more sustainably and protect our planet! Thank you for all you do!    ~The Smiths, Bradford, VT.”
2. Have your business logo and message included on the Anniversary Congratulations page ($75). Feel free to include your website address for the print edition. Messages of 50 words maximum are welcome. For the online version, the logo will link back to your website.
Please email submissions to by June 1st.
Checks can be mailed to 1749 Wrights Mountain Rd., Bradford, VT 05033 or you can pay via credit card at Advertising Info and Pay Online « Green Energy Times
Thank you for your continued support and this consideration to help keep this publication going!

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