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VT Mow Electric! Campaign Website Launch

We’re excited to announce the launch of the official Mow Electric! website.

There’s lots of things we can do in recognition of Earth Day 2021, and one of those is to commit to helping make Vermont the leader in electrifying the US lawn care industry. And in case you’re wondering why that would be something to be proud of, here’s some things to consider:

  • According to an estimate from the US Department of Transportation, the US consumes about 2,982,755,000 (2.9 BILLION) gallons of gasoline ANNUALLY for lawn and garden care.
  • According to this same DOT report, Vermont consumes about 5,453,000 (5.43 MILLION) gallons of gasoline for lawn and garden care.
  • Burning all that gas in Vermont generates about 109 MILLION lbs (54 THOUSAND TONS) of CO2.
  • A typical commercial gas-powered lawn mower consumes about 700 gallons of fossil fuel annually, generating about 7 TONS of CO2.
  • At least 6 gallons of fossil fuel are consumed per ACRE of mowed lawn per year.
  • The engines on all the gas-powered mowers and “chore tools” have few, if any emission controls, so all this fuel is also releasing tons of harmful, smog-forming air pollutants.
  • All those internal combustion engines are also making a LOT of noise.

    As described on the Mow Electric! website, battery-electric lawn mowers and chore tools:

  • Are now readily available for both residential and commercial/institutional applications.
  • Are comparable in performance with gas-powered equipment.
  • Are more convenient and comfortable to operate.
  • Have minimal associated CO2 emissions, have ZERO tailpipe emissions, and are a whole lot QUIETER than gas-powered lawn care equipment.
    As demonstrated using the interactive calculators on the Mow Electric!website, this equipment has significantly lower operating costs resulting in much lower “life-cycle” costs, despite often costing more to purchase.

    So, just in time for Earth Day, the Mow Electric! Campaign website is now “live”. As you’ll see, the website contains lots of resources to facilitate the transition to electric lawn care equipment within Vermont’s public and private sectors. Some of these resources are ready to use “as-is”, including:

  • Comprehensive lists of available residential and commercial E-mowers and chore tools, including key specifications and prices (MSRP).
  • A list of Vermont’s E-lawn care equipment utility incentives.
  • A directory of VT’s E-lawn care contractors.
  • Interactive comparison tools for CO2 Emissions, Fuel/Electricity Costs, and “Life-Cycle” costs for battery-electric and conventional lawn care equipment.
  • Links to national E-lawn care advocacy organizations.

Being a grassroots initiative, the Campaign also provides Vermonters with a variety of opportunities to participate, including:

  • Submitting a testimonial of their experience using E-lawn care equipment, and/or hiring an E-lawn care contractor.
  • Submitting reviews for E-lawn care equipment for the “Reviews You Can Use” section of the website.
  • Volunteering to answer questions and do equipment demos for local community members through the “Neighbor-to-Neighbor” Demo Network.
  • Submitting a market research questionnaire to help encourage more contractors to offer E-lawn care services.
  • Utilizing the resources and tools on the website to become a Mow Electric! advocate to encourage the transition to E-lawn care equipment at the state and local level within the public and private sectors.


    Visit the Mow Electric! website by clicking here.

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