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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Letter from the Editor

Our theme in our April/May edition of GET is“Celebrating the Earth.” While every day and every edition of Green Energy Times is about the earth and the future of our planet, this is the time when the world comes together for the earth!

At this time, actions are taken to clean the roadways, but what else are we each doing on a daily basis for the earth to slow the progress of a changing climate?

From simple things like picking up trash along the roads when we walk all year long, reducing your waste, and keeping your trips to town to a minimum and make your own transportation emissions lower, it all adds up.

The pandemic has forced many to work from home. This is a gift for carbon emission levels. It has given us time to get out and enjoy the outdoors, perhaps on a bicycle or e-bike. Sales for bikes or all types has surpassed most manufacturers and bike shop owners’ expectations. Cross country skiing saw another boom in sales, and it got us outdoors to enjoy this beautiful planet we live on. Being a good steward of our earth is the best thing you can do.

You will find solutions to transportation in the pages of GET as well as renewable energy. Our energy grid is growing ever cleaner with every choice made to jump on board – at home or for businesses. Solar costs are low which lower your cost of everyday living, for the long haul. That payment replaces your current utility bill, with an end in sight when you own your solar. Will there ever be an end to your utility bill?

Another huge cost saving comes from making your home efficient. High levels of insulation and sealing off air leaks will lower heating and cooling needs and costs. In turn, your use of fossil fuels will be less as well as your carbon emission contribution. Learn more in the “Building and Energy Efficiency” and “Renewable Heating and Cooling” sections.

We hope you think about our earth long past Earth Day. Be sure to read our “Climate News” to understand why it is so important to act now. The future of our children will be determined by our actions today. We hope you learn from the information on our pages of this issue and every issue of Green Energy Times and take action in your own life every day.

Be well, wear your masks, get that vaccine and let’s work together to keep each other Safe. Let’s each do more to care for and celebrate the earth!

Happy spring to all!

~ Nancy Rae Mallery, publisher and editor of Green Energy Times

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