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Action Alert–Save Standard Offer. Contact Legislators TODAY!

Renewable Energy Vermont is working hard to ensure that the Standard Offer program continues and we need your help. If legislators don’t take action this year, then next year will be the last Standard Offer RFP and this highly successful, cost-effective, diverse, renewable electricity market opportunity will end.

Senators need to hear from you now.
Please email your Senators and encourage them to continue the Standard Offer program. Don’t let next year be the last Standard Offer RFP.

Standard Offer is the only consistent, transparent, long-term contract opportunity for new renewable electricity generation in Vermont. Contracts for new renewable electricity generation awarded through the Standard Offer program are extremely price competitive, often less than utility solar projects, and save money for all Vermonters. As you know, Standard Offer has enabled new solar, small wind, and farm digesters, and can help keep local hydro working as well.

As we face the increasingly urgent need to reduce Vermont’s emissions, we cannot do without the in-state, low-cost renewable energy that the Standard Offer program guarantees. Vermont is the only New England state where emissions are rising rather than falling. Now is simply not the time to eliminate Standard Offer, one of the most effective tools in our climate mitigation arsenal.

Email your Senators today and urge them to keep the Standard Offer program going.

Sen. Ann Cummings
Sen. Christopher Bray
Sen. Richard Westman
Sen. Christopher A. Pearson
Sen. Michael Sirotkin
Sen. Randy Brock
Sen. Mark A. MacDonald
Sen. Brian Campion
Sen. Dick McCormack
Sen. Ruth Hardy
We expect the Senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee to take up Standard Offer this Thursday. Help REV make it clear to them that Standard Offer is widely supported and a critical tool that should continue. If you get any feedback/response from Senators, please share it with to help with our strategic lobbying efforts on your behalf.


Dear Senator,

Please continue the Standard Offer program, a critical tool for enabling local renewable energy generation, building resilience in Vermont’s communities, and creating local jobs.

The Standard Offer program allowed my company [insert your name here] to provide low-cost renewable energy, saving Vermonters money and cutting climate pollution.

[personalize here with information about your business, customers, how SO has helped you and your community]



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