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Monday, 2/8, 4pm | NH Statewide Community Power Meeting, Prep for HB 315 Hearing

Please be invited to join a NH statewide meeting on Monday, February 8th, 4pm-5pm. (See bottom for meeting access.)
Meeting Purpose: to convene and organize statewide in preparation for the legislative hearing on House Bill 315 (aka, “Monopoly Protection Act,” bill gutting the Community Power Law). Please be invited to extend this invitation to allies at your discretion — it is an open meeting.
Draft Agenda:
  1. Short Recap: What is House Bill 315? Updates
  2. Hearing Prep: What we need to know; what we need to say; sequencing speakers/messages.
  3. Action Items: (i) Oppose at Hearing and (ii) Sign Petition
  4. Questions
Hearing Date for HB 315: Friday, February 12th, 3pm, NH House Science, Tech and Energy Committee. See attachment for details.

Sharing some better news from NHPR: Lebanon and Hanover are First to Join New Statewide Community Power Coalition. Your communities are invited to join as well by vote of Select Board, City Council, etc.

Two Easy but IMPORTANT Action Items for EVERYONE:
  1. Sign up in opposition to HB 315 any time before the Feb. 12th hearing, regardless if you plan on attending the Zoom hearing. Fill out the online form as follows:
    1. Date of Hearing: 2/12
    2. Committee: House Science, Tech., & Energy
    3. Choose bill: 3pm – HB315
    4. Fill out your status, “oppose the bill”, & if you wish to testify during the meeting
    5. Enter your information & submit
    6. If you wish, click ‘sign up again’ to oppose other anti-clean energy bills (please also oppose HB 213, 2/12 at 2pm)
  2. Add your name to this sign-on letter and share with friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. We have 531 signatures. We want 1,000 by next Thursday:
For additional Information, view HB 315 Information & Resources.
Eversource will be proposing an amendment to HB 315,  find that amended version here.
Meeting ID: 990 6127 8400
Passcode: 402886

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