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Fifth Annual Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair (virtual)

The fifth annual Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair will be held Saturday, March 6 from 10-4 pm. One can participate in: workshops, networking, an exhibition hall and in affinity groups which will provide an opportunity to “mingle” and “meet” new people. The Fair is sponsored by the non-profit Community Advocates for a Sustainable Environment (CASE) organization.

This is a FREE public event, but one must register on line for tickets at: .

CASE members are happy to continue to offer people in the Greater Capital District area a one-stop shopping/information space for renewable energy and sustainable living products, services and ideas.

There will be no social distancing, no face masks, no crowd noise, no exhibitor siting issues, no weather or parking concerns, just an enjoyable, relaxing, healthy atmosphere!

The exhibitors fee for a “booth” is $200 and the not-for-profit organizations fee is $35. They can register and pay at: .

This fee includes exhibit space at the Fair, listing on the CASE website indefinitely and a list of visitors to the Fair who have agreed to share their contact information.

Questions and concerns should be directed to Becky Meier at 518-781-4686, or email at:

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