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February 18th is National Battery Day!

from CSWD

Americans purchase nearly 3 billion dry-cell (alkaline or lithium) batteries every year to power radios, toys, cellular phones, watches, laptop computers, and portable power tools. (University of Illinois at Urbana, 2021) These batteries can have a second life with proper disposal.

Tips on handling batteries:

1.Do not put batteries in your blue bin recycling. Batteries can cause fires or injuries in recycling centers. Recycling Today: Ecomaine identifies battery as cause of MRF fire.
2. Keep your used batteries in a separate container until you are ready to recycle them. That way they don’t find their way into your blue bin.
3. Bring used batteries to a drop-off center for recycling or bring them to a battery collection site.

You can also save money and reuse batteries hundreds of times in your home by buying a charger and rechargeable versions of AAA and AA batteries.

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