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Saxtons River Solar Electric Becomes Ridgeline Renewables

George Harvey

Father and daughter, Eric Shenholm and Anya Bredbeck. Photo courtesy of Ridgeline Renewables.

For a small company, Saxtons River Solar Electric (SRSE) shows up on our pages quite a lot. We published several articles about this innovative company and numerous others that mention it. There will very probably be more in the future, but the same company will be called by a new name, Ridgeline Renewables.

For as long as it has been running, SRSE has been a family business operating in Westminster, Vermont, near Putney. The company has been owned and operated by Eric Shenholm, whose experience with solar energy dates from the 1970s. Now, the company is being passed to another member of the family, Anya Bredbeck, Shenholms’s daughter, who has been working professionally in the trades since she was seventeen. She has been a SRSE employee for five years. And now, she is taking over ownership and operations.

Anya Bredbeck’s brother Yuri Bredbeck is being brought onboard to manage the office while Anya works in the field. With Covid-19, Yuri’s office is in his own home. This is not just a precaution for the sake of health in times of the pandemic, and it will probably be an ongoing business plan.

Solar array in Vermont.

SRSE’s new name, Ridgeline Renewables, is part of the changeover. Aside from what we have already listed, however, there will be very few changes in the SRSE business, and Yuri emphasized that the business will be much the same as it has been. It is true that Eric Shenholm is retiring, but Anya Bredbeck has been working at the company as the lead installer of heat pumps and solar energy for five years, after acquiring years of experience elsewhere. And, like her father, Anya Bredbeck is EPA-certified in heat pump technology. Chris Clay also remains on the team as an installer.

Ridgeline Renewables will continue its work on both solar power and heat pumps and will continue to sell and install the same products. They will honor the warranties of SRSE and will continue to service customers in the same ways. The company’s territory will remain what it had been, keeping customers mostly within an hour’s drive of Westminster.

The Rigeline Renewables office number is 802-387-0073. Its web site will be, though is working for now. Email is

3 comments to Saxtons River Solar Electric Becomes Ridgeline Renewables

  • Tom Walsh

    I would like to have heat pumps installed at my home in Westminster, Vt.
    I have called your 869-2588 many times and it always seems to be busy.
    Please give me a call at your earliest convenience so that we can talk about this project!
    Tom Walsh

  • Hi Tom,
    I believe Saxton River Solar is no longer in business — thus your inability to reach them. Please look at some of the other current advertisers in the new editions of GET. Also, check out the Efficiency Vermont website for heat pump installers that serve the area you live in. I would like to suggest a call to Southern VT Solar. They have an ad in GET that you can find their contact info at. Tell them we sent you. They will be able to steer you in the right direction! Our best.

  • This is what we believe is the situation, as well. Perhaps they will come back. They are obviously missed.

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