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Residential Clean Heating and Cooling

A new guide for Vermonters and the region

Clean Energy States Alliance

Nearly 80% of Vermonters heat their homes by burning fossil fuels which contribute significantly to climate change, are a drain to the local economy, and can worsen air quality. The remaining households are heated by burning wood or with various electric heating technologies. To meet their own and the state’s renewable thermal objectives, many Vermont homeowners are looking to transition from fossil fuels to clean heating and cooling (CH&C) technologies. This guide provides information and guidance on how to make that transition. 

Supporting the transition to cleaner heating and renewable energy is in line with Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan, which calls for Vermont to increase the portion of renewable energy used to heat Vermont’s building sector to 30% by 2025. This goal builds on the state statutory goal to weatherize 80,000 homes and reduce fuel use and utility bills by 25%.

The Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) has published A Vermonter’s Guide to Residential Clean Heating and Cooling to inform Vermont residents about the benefits of CH&C technologies. The guide, prepared for the Vermont Public Service Department’s Clean Energy Development Fund CEDF), provides information on CH&C technologies to help Vermonters make informed decisions regarding heating and cooling their homes. 

This extensive 60-page guide provides in-depth coverage of CH&C technologies. It is broken into ten sections: 

  1. Efficiency First. 
  2. Why Should I Install a CH&C System in my Home?
  3. What is CH&C Technologies?
  4. Are CH&C Systems Right for my Home?
  5. Assessing Your Home’s Current Distribution System for Heating.
  6. Assessing Your Home’s Current Home Heating and Hot Water Systems. 
  7. Cooling Your Home. 
  8. Integrated Smart Thermostats and Controls. 
  9. Selecting a Contractor/Installer and System Maintenance. 
  10. Incentives and Financing. 

The guide is available online at . 

Learn more about CESA at Contact: Samantha Donalds, or 802-223-2554 x204. 

Learn more about the Vermont Public Service Department and the Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) at The CEDF contact is Andrew Perchlik at or 802-279-0471.

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