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Put Your Money Where Your Life Is: Series on Investing Locally

After a year of COVID shutdowns, bankruptcies, deaths, and economic despair, how can individuals help rebuild our economy and community? By investing in their local economy, catalyzing innovation, shifting capital to the local projects, and thus making our communities more sustainable, vibrant, and resilient. Whether managing large funds or modest nest eggs, investors can make a difference.

How to invest locally is the focus of a series of online events and workshops called “Put Your Money Where Your Life Is: Reclaiming Our Local Economy,” hosted by Vital Communities and The Local Crowd Monadnock. The series includes:

Read more about these events and browse our growing collection of local investment resources. We hope you’ll make a date to join us for this exciting A-B-C in making your money work for a thriving Upper Valley economy rather than Wall Street!

Nancy LaRowe and Erika Hoffman-Kiess
Vital Economy Initiative of Vital Communities

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