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Norwich Solar Technologies Launches Small Business Community Solar Alliance

Norwich Solar Technologies (NST) is pleased to announce the launch of its Small Business Community Solar Alliance (Small Biz CSA) throughout northern New England focused on helping small businesses recover from the devastating impacts of COVID-19.

Norwich Solar Technologies CEO Jim Merriam said, “Small businesses are hurting across Northern New England, and we all want to do our part to help them come back strong.  Using the savings solar can provide, Norwich Solar can help small businesses reduce the energy expenses and recover faster.”

NST’s Small Biz CSA requires no upfront costs and has no operations and maintenance expenses. Businesses simply sign up and save.  By becoming a member of the Small Biz CSA, small business owners are also helping support other small businesses that are engaged in engineering, designing, and constructing these projects.  With more energy dollars circulating within the state the whole local economy benefits.

The Small Biz CSA is perfect for businesses that want to make a meaningful impact to the growing threat of climate change while also saving money.  The Small Biz CSA is also ideal for businesses that rent their buildings or are otherwise unable to put solar at their location, and companies that already have some solar power can also join if they have unmet electricity needs.

“Even before the pandemic, small businesses had a lot on their plate to manage.  We have really tried to make this simple to qualify and participate so they can focus on recovery,” says Merriam.

The net-metering credits produced by the solar energy projects are applied to the member’s utility bills each month, reducing their operational costs. NST then bills members in 12 equal monthly payments making budgeting easier and more predictable for small businesses.

Once they are constructed and operational, the solar projects will be maintained by NST’s subsidiary RunTime Solar™ to ensure all customers get the maximum savings they can.

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