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NYC: “Ban New Fossil Fuel Connections by 2030 – New York City’s Green New Deal is leading cities across the country in pressing for urgent action to fight the climate crisis and drive economic growth, but more progress must be made. Beginning this year, New York City will move forward to ban new fossil fuel connections in new construction by at least 2030. The City will establish intermediate goals in the short-term and ensure the ban does not negatively impact renters and low-income residents.” (from Mayor DiBlasio’s State of the City 2021 address)  Politico article on the address here.

PSC Chair John Rhodes To Move On – this article, which is behind a paywall the January 25th edition of  POLITICO Weekly NY & NJ Energy reported that Public Service Commission Chair John Rhodes “is planning to depart the administration in February when his term expires.”
Kerry Warns of Stranded Asset Risk From Natural Gas Buildout. – Bloomberg Law –  “U.S. climate envoy John Kerry warned that continuing to build out natural gas infrastructure runs the risk of creating stranded assets in future, which could be worthless under the switch to a low carbon economy. ‘If we build out a huge infrastructure for gas now and continue to use it as the bridge fuel, we haven’t really exhausted the other possibilities, we’re gonna be stuck with stranded assets in 10 or 20 or 30 years,’  Kerry told a virtual meeting of the World Economic Forum. ‘Gas is primarily methane and we have a huge methane problem, folks.’” Full article here.
NGRID – 2,300 Conversions Per Week Needed to Meet Climate Goals. In a January 21, 2021 presentation to investors – Grid Guide to the Future of Gas , National Grid recognized its current 3.6 million gas customers in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island will need to convert to decarbonized heating by 2050 in order to meet climate goals. NGRID presented hydrogen, renewable natural gas and heat pumps as alternatives it is exploring. The company also has 22 million residential gas customers in the UK, and the presentation focused heavily on the hydrogen option there.


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